Welcome to my Psychology Service

I am an experienced, qualified and caring psychologist based in Melbourne.

My professional services support people to resolve life issues including mental health symptoms that restrict them from enjoying life.

My approach assists people to acknowledge, explore, understand and address challenging life concerns.

Services include Medicare referrals under the Better Access Program focused on developing positive action to address a full range of problems.

These include stress, depression, anxiety and relationship concerns that impact personal functioning and wellbeing.

Together we will focus on building your resilience and developing positive action that will enable you to manage your challenges and improve your life.


I have a dedicated comfortable and quiet room upstairs in the Carlton Family Medical Clinic.
The clinic has wonderful doctors and staff.
Good public transport.

Positive outcomes frequently include

- Clearer understanding of your feelings and behaviours.

- New strategies for dealing with problems and issues.

- Improved personal and relationship wellbeing.

- Enhanced self acceptance and satisfaction with life.

- Development of positive attitudes and actions.

- Increased engagement and enlivenment.